Carrion Clarion - Mike's Carrion Crown adventure for Pathfinder

Second Adventure

As told by Rua’alinae (Shadow)

Here is the rundown of the second session, as best I remember it. feel free to offer corrections, as I did not take as many notes as before, and I can’t recall whether we went to the prison the same day as the Temple so I described them as being on different days.

Day Three: The Temple

On the following morning, Merrick and Vladimir went to the Temple of Pharasma to unearth any additional information about history of Harrowstone and its former inhabitants while the rest of us watched over Kendra and searched the Professor’s library for any further useful information. While our search was rather fruitless, the visit to the Temple yielded some additional history about the prison.

It seems Harrowstone was built in 4594, and contrary to first impressions, was not completely destroyed in the fire. Rather, the underground portion and the east wing were destroyed, but the rest still stands. The warden and his wife were both killed, along with the guards and presumably some of the prisoners. Why the warden’s wife was at the prison remains a mystery. However, some light has been shed on the cause of the fire. It seems Harrowstone was under siege from within; the prisoners had rioted and taken control. Whether the prisoners or the guards started the fire is unclear, but the starting of a fire seems inevitable under such circumstances.

Day Four: Harrowstone

The morning after our companions’ return, all of our company save one headed out to Harrowstone to investigate; Alexi remained behind to watch over Kendra since tensions in town were still high following the Professor’s interment.

The trek to the prison was uneventful, and Harrowstone was as grim as its name and history. The gates were hanging from their hinges in the sort of severe disrepair one might expect. We found what was once the warden’s home; Celique and I waited outside while the rest went in to investigate; neither of us trusted the flooring. There was nothing within but decay and debris and that questionable flooring. From there, we went to the prison proper and had no trouble gaining entry. Remembering that the Professor was killed by a falling gargoyle, we took care to look up; there were indeed gargoyles atop the roof, but none flew down to kill us as we entered. I felt that was rather fortunate.

We decided to turn left inside the main entrance; while I tried to check the door for traps, the door to the outside swung shut with Celique on the outside and the rest of us inside. Very quickly, the doors became covered in ghastly faces. Some quick thinking by Merrick dispatched them; he rolled out one of the Haunt Syphon vials.

Having overcome that challenge, we investigated the hallway to the left of the main entrance and found mostly empty offices. Our rather overzealous bard Koran felt it necessary to finish destroying what was in those offices, apparently in an attempt to forego worrying about traps. Other than the splintered remains of desks, we found only papers for the most part, which we collected and brought along for later review.

We did find some items of interest in the safe in what was once the Warden’s office. Thanks to my well-honed skills, I was able to open the safe; I do not believe Koran’s enthusiastic manner of “searching” would have been of use in this case. The safe contained legal documents, rather different from the general sort of papers we found in the other offices. There were also 500gp, and a small rack with vials (description to follow).

Having reached an end, we turned back the other way. There was a door to the right of the main entrance that I could neither open nor unlock, so we chose to save that door for later inspection and instead went through the door next to it. That brought us to what was once a theatre, though we found no papers or useful objects in it. We were subject to another haunt, however, and used another Haunt Syphon. This one was rather more difficult than the last, and also required some prayer spells by Merrick to dispatch. Having passed through the theatre, we came to a large room with a pit in the middle. The far wall had long since collapsed to the elements, and the pond outside had encroached into the room and was spilling into the pit. As we neared the pit, the specter of three flaming skulls appeared, which we were able to overcome. We saw nothing in the pit itself except debris, and decided to postpone any attempts to descend until we could be certain we explored the entire first level of the building.

Onward we went, through the only other door in the room, discounting the open wall to the lake. The next room had a large furnace and someone decided I should investigate it. I shall endeavor to think twice before investigating furnaces in future; the thing shot flame directly at me and nearly killed me. While the others dealt with the specter, one of my companions gave me a potion that healed my wounds, and on we went. I made sure to give that companion my potion identical to the one he fed me.

We had some difficulty fitting through the door into the next room because of a turn in the passageway. Once we were in, something started shrieking and I was overcome by an unnatural fear; Vladimir had already fled the room as is his wont when the cleric is likely to send forth a blast of divine energy. Once the unnatural fear took hold, I (rather embarrassingly) ran quickly enough to catch him up. By the time we returned, whatever spirits had haunted the room had been dispatched. There were empty cells that once may have been sick beds in that room, and little else save another door.

Beyond that door we passed through a hallway with two doors that had rotted from their hinges; each had stairs leading either up or down. Once stair was destroyed and covered in rubble; the other was obscured by spider webs. One of our lot decided to go in, burning webs on the way. Unfortunately, the rather sizable eight-legged inhabitants took exception and began to attack. It took a few moments but we dispatched both of them; within, we found a scroll, a wand, and five vials (described below). [There, the Hand of the Gods did pause our adventure.]

Note: We did decide that we should finish exploring the first level of the prison and then return to the Professor’s home to tell Alexi of our adventures and regroup a bit.

Potions found in safe:
• 4 vials of Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8)
• 3 vials of Lesser Restoration
• 2 vials of Remove Disease

Items found in Spider Room:
• Scroll of Lesser Restoration
• 5 vials of Holy Water
• Wand of Cure Light Wounds (15 charges)


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