Carrion Clarion - Mike's Carrion Crown adventure for Pathfinder

First Adventure

My thanks for Dusty for this fantastic and detailed recap, Gerry

One: The Funeral

Six of us were summoned to the town of Ravengro for Professor Petros
Lorrimor’s memorial service. Though most of us did not know
each other, each of us knew the Professor. Two of our party,
Vladimir and Celique, are his (presumably illegitimate) children; I,
Rua’alinae, was employed several times by him; the Professor’s
association with Kor, Merrick, and Alexi are rather less clear. Most
of us mourn him to some degree. There seems to have been some source
of strife between the Professor and Celique, though I have declined
to make inquiry as to its nature.

Six of us were summoned, but only five of us carried him in the
procession to the cemetery. Apparently the discord between himself
and Celique was sufficient to overcome any societal expectations
about behavior at a parent’s funeral. During the procession,
we were accompanied by Father Grimbarrow (sp?) and the Professor’s
daughter Kendra. Kendra’s understandably distraught condition
was made worse by the small but hostile crowd of locals that blocked
our way to the burial site. Apparently they believed that the
Professor was a necromancer and that burying him in their cemetery
would bring them ill fortune. Fortunately, we managed to convince
them to step aside and allow the Professor to be buried at the
Restland Cemetery without resorting to violence. Fighting is, after
all, rather difficult while carrying a casket.

After the burial, we were accompanied to the Professor’s former
home, now owned by Kendra. Councilman Kirnmount (Sp?) read the
Professor’s will, in which all but a few specific items were
bequeathed to Kendra. Our party was collectively bequeathed a chest
of books, a quest, and a task. First, we are to watch over Kendra
for one month to ensure that she is able to put her affairs in order
(and presumably to ensure she is not murdered by hysterical
villagers). Second, we are to deliver the chest of books to the
University of Levistat no sooner than one month hence. Upon
delivery, we are to be paid a total of 100PP by a Ms. Embryth
Derreliddh (Sp?).

The chest contained five tomes; the first was etched with an
instruction to read it immediately, which we did (details will
follow). The remaining books had notes as to which should be
delivered where; three are to go to a Mr. Kronel (sp?) at the
University, and the other is to go to Embryth at her home address.
Those volumes are:

  • Manual of
    the Order of the Palatine Eye
    : a purple tome with an eye on it.
    The tome is locked and we have thus far been unable to open it.

  • On
    Verified Madness
    : a black tome; treatise on aberrations, ties to
    the Dark Tapestry, and the like.

  • Serving
    your Hunger
    : a copy of an unholy book to a goddess; we did note
    a number of notes handwritten in the margins.

  • Umbral
    : a translation of an unholy book of Zoncython (sp?).

The book with the “read me now” instruction is a
leather-bound tome, and obviously the Professor’s journal. The
Professor wrote of a cabal of necromancers called the Whispering Way
whose activities quite distressed him. He believed they were (are)
attempting to locate someone who was in the Harrowstone prison when
it was burned down approximately 25 years ago. During the fire, all
of the prisoners were killed, as well as the warden, his wife, and
most of the guards. The Professor did not specify who the Way are
seeking, nor why, but he was quite intent on stopping them. He did
mention that the Temple of Pharasma should have a list of those who
were held at the prison when it burned. His entries describe trips
to Harrowstone, ghosts, tools hidden by the Temple in a false
mausoleum in the cemetery (corner of Eversleep and the Black Path).
It is worth noting that the Professor was killed at Harrowstone by
virtue of a stone gargoyle falling on his head.

A bit of history about the town: it was created as a means of
supporting the once very active prison of Harrowstone. In its
heyday, the town grew rich; once the prison burned down, however,
many of its wealthier inhabitants left. Since then, it has become a
community of farmers, though there is still some trade to be had.
The people are fearful and somewhat uneducated, if our encounters
with them can be used as any measure. These are the descendants of
the poorer folk who lived here when the prison was destroyed.
Apparently the prison was never rebuilt because of the expense of
doing so.

Armed with this information and more questions than answers, we
agreed to stay with Kendra while investigating the insinuations made
in the Professor’s journal. Vladimir and I checked the house
for security and defensibility, as well as any signs that there had
been any recent attempts at irregular entry. We found none of the
latter; the house, while no fortress, was reasonably defensible. We
fortified the house as best we could. In essence, that meant locking
the doors and closing the shutters. Nothing a good rogue couldn’t
overcome, but we work with what we have.

That evening, Vladimir, Alexi and I trekked out to the cemetery to
try and find the false mausoleum and the tools hopefully contained
therein. The rest remained behind to guard Kendra and the house.
The journey to the cemetery was uneventful, and we were able to find
the mausoleum and gain entry. The mausoleum appeared to have never
been in use, and we had no troubles except a millipede in the inner
chamber. I was able to strike it with an arrow, though it did not
suffer much damage. Alexi spread its innards quite far with a single
blow, but not before it bit Vladimir, who seemed to suffer horribly
(or at least dramatically). We did find a box of seemingly useful
items and brought them with us (details below). The trek back to the
house was uneventful, and once we arrived we were able to discern the
specifics of the tools we found.

  • 12 silver
    arrows (Alexi and I each have 6)

  • 17
    non-silver arrows:

    • 10 (+1)
      arrows (Alexi and I each have 5)

    • 5 arrows of
      Ghost Touch (Alexi has 2, I have 3)

    • 2 Arrows of
      Undead Bane (Alexi and I each have 1)

  • 4 Sun Rods
    (not yet disposed)

  • 7 vials:

    • 5 potions
      of Cure Light Wounds (all but Vladimir have one)

    • 2 potions
      of Lesser Restoration (Merrick has)

  • 4 scrolls:

    • 1 Detect
      Undead (Arcane – not yet disposed?)

    • 2 Hide from
      Undead (Divine – Merrick has)

    • 1
      Protection from Undead (Arcane – not yet disposed?)

  • Spirit Board
    with brass planchette (apparently only answers one question a day,
    and only yes/no. Not yet disposed.).

  • Box with 4
    vials of “Haunt Syphon” [Necromantic: twist and open in
    same round as haunt manifests; does 3d6 positive energy damage; if
    it kills haunt, will turn green and can be thrown to dispense 1d6
    negative energy] (Not yet disposed?)

Day Two: The Vandals

The morning after our journey to the false mausoleum, we were
enjoying breakfast when Councilman Kirnmount (Sp?) knocked on the
door to summon Kendra. Having been charged with her safekeeping, we
were not inclined to let her go alone. The Councilman joined us for
breakfast before leading us to a large statue (25ft) of Warden
Hawkran (rest him), on the base of which are inscribed the names of
his wife (Vesorianna) and the 25 guards who perished in the fire.
Apparently the site is often used for illicit lovers’ meetings.
This elf is wondering why the number 25 appears so frequently: is
there a numerological significance to the upcoming 25th
anniversary of the destruction of the prison? But I digress.

The reason for the morning summons was self-evident: someone defaced
the statue with a large “V” painted in non-human blood,
as well as splashing more blood somewhat haphazardly on the statue.
Naturally, the locals were gathered in fright and blaming the
offspring of the late Professor. We convinced them to let us
investigate the defacement, thus removing suspicion from Kendra at
least temporarily. Kor and Merrick managed to arrange payment, in
theory. We did some investigating and found that no one has reported
missing or dead animals or people. Neither Kendra nor anyone else
had any knowledge of the significance of the symbol painted on the

to be continued

Next steps:

  • Merrick will
    speak with the Temple of Pharasma

  • The Sherriff
    will have his “boys” look into any missing persons,
    animals, or unusual activity and let us know

  • We must
    decide whether the pursuit of the Way supersedes watching closely
    over Kendra, given the urgency of the Professor’s notes


  • The number
    25 keeps appearing: 25-ft statue, 25 guards killed, nearly 25th
    anniversary of destruction of the prison

  • Is it a
    coincidence that the letter “V” was written in blood,
    when the warden’s wife’s name began with a “V.”
    Why was she at the prison? Could she be the one they’re
    looking for, and if so, do they intend to do something unholy with
    her corpse or spirit on the 25th anniversary?

  • The “V”
    was obviously a message, but what is the message, and for whom was
    it intended?


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