Welcome to a game site for a Pathfinder game (the Carrion Crown adventure path) run in Fort Worth, Texas by GM Mike. This site is a resource for the GM and players.


Visitors and Lurkers are welcome but there is very little here for them.

Fellow players and GM:

This is Gerry saying that this site is for your use when it helps you to do so. I will be sending you invites and permissions to edit this site pretty much as well as I can. If you haven’t got your invite, let me know by more familiar means and I will include you.

One thing to remember, don’t put any personal info on this site (no full names or addresses) and we are golden. :-)

OK, that said, let me include the link to the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide (free to read for all players, it has no spoilers).

Please visit the forum. Welcome one and all! :-)


Carrion Clarion - Mike's Carrion Crown adventure for Pathfinder

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